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Employee Recognition Committee

The function of the Employee Recognition Committee is to coordinate the Staff Recognition Ceremony held each spring. At this ceremony, individual staff members are recognized for their dedicated years of service to the University as well as additional employee awards. The committee historically has met in person monthly but may move to virtual meetings for the upcoming year. Members are required to volunteer additional time leading up to the ceremony for preparations and/or on the day of the event.

Current Membership

Name Term Department Group
Leslee Smith, Co-Chair 2022-2023 Medical Imaging and Radiaiton Sciences, College of Allied Health 1
Sarah Smith, Co-Chair 2022-2023 Student Services, College of Allied Health
Cheryl Walk 2022-2024 Department of Cell Biology, College of Medicine 3
Brenda Fox 2021-2023 Communications Sciences Disorders, College of Allied Health 1
William Andrews 2022-2024 OU HSC Parking & Transportation 7
Treva Lawson 2022-2024 Comparative Medicine 3
Jan Quayle 2022-2024 Ophtalmology, DMEI 3
Kaylie Stogsdill 2022-2024 Wellness, Human Resources 7
Angela Wood 2022-2024 Business Manager, University of Research Park 7
Melissa Jones 2022-2024 Department of Pediatrics, College of Medicine 3
Joni Barnett 2022-2024 Deans Office, College of Nursing 4

Committee Details

  • Staff Senate Standing Committee
  • Consists of at least seven (7) members, serving 2-year staggered terms (terms begin January 1 and expire December 31)
    • Two (2) individuals selected by Administration of OUHSC
    • One (1) selected by the Provost
    • Four (4) staff employees elected by the HSC Staff Senate
    • There shall not be more than one (1) member from each HSC Staff Senate Group
  • Chair of the committee is elected by the Committee, Staff Senate Chair and Staff Senate Coordinator