Committee on Committees

The function of Committee on Committees can be conducted through email correspondence and/or meetings and will include:

  • When necessary, nominate staff employees to serve on search committees, task forces, standing and ad committees, etc.
  • When necessary, review recommendations to form standing committees
  • Oversee the HSC Staff Senate elections
  • Nominate a slate of candidates for officer vacancies for the HSC Staff Senate elections
  • Submit recommendations to the HSC Staff Senate annually for the next fiscal year: a slate of nominees to fill officer vacancies, a list of newly elected Representatives and Alternates, a slate of nominees to fill HSC Staff Senate standing and special committee vacancies 

Current Membership

Name Term Deparment Group
  Nancy Geiger, Chair 2019-20 Otorhinolaryngology    3   
  Cyndie Clubb 2018-20 College of Allied Health


  Rita Pierce 2018-20 College of Pharmacy    5
  Heidi Martin 2018-20 College of Dentistry    2
  Heidi Petitt 2018-20 Stephenson Cancer Center   10
  Jesse (Clark) Waltrip 2018-20 College of Nursing    4
  Paula Cockrell 2018-20 Geriatrics    3
  Mark Fuelling 2018-20 College of Pharmacy


  Linda LaFevers 2019-21 Human Resources


  Barbara Grayson 2019-21 College of Public Health     6


Committee Details

  • Staff Senate Standing Committee
  • Consists of seven (7) members, four (4) of which must be Senators or Alternates when elected, and three (3) additional members at large, serving 2-year staggered terms (terms begin July 1 and expire June 30)
  • There cannot be more than one (1) member from any HSC Staff Senate group
  • The Staff Senate Chair-Elect serves as chair of the committee
  • The Committee on Committees submits all recommendations to the HSC Staff Senate for approval