2019 - 2020 Executive Committee

2019 Officers

Executive Committee

The function of the Executive Committee is to transact business of the HSC Staff Senate between meetings and report any actions taken to the HSC Staff Senate at the next meeting.

Duties and responsibilities may include transacting business delegated to it by the HSC Staff Senate, HSC Provost, etc.; reviewing committee reports and recommending actions on such reports to the HSC Staff Senate; reviewing requests submitted by the Treasurer for non-revenue generating expenditures; and to forward to the HSC Provost and the President of the University the recommendations and advice of the HSC Staff Senate on policy matters relating to staff employees.



Current Membership

Name Term Office
Kelli Dyer 2019-20 Chair
Marty Walton 2019-20 Past Chair
Nancy Geiger 2019-20 Chair-Elect
Theresa Lander 2019-20 Secretary (replaced LaDonna Tyner) 
George Schmerer 2019-20 Treasurer
Carrie McClain 2019-20 Provost Designee
Bobby Beirne 2019-21 Provost Designee
Jeffery Cooper 2019-22 Provost Designee
Angela Church Ex-Officio Sr. Assoc. Vice President Human Resources
Terry Henson  Advisor  Sr. Assoc. Vice President Admin/Fin & CAO
Carol Clure   Adm. Coordinator, Staff Senate

Committee Details

  • Shall consist of the Chair, Chair-Elect, Secretary, Treasurer, Past Chair (voting members).
  • The Ex-Officio Members, Provost's Designee Members and the Administrative Coordinator (non-voting members)