Employee Benefits Committee

This is a University-wide Committee. Committee advises the President and Director of Human Resources on the University's employment benefits program and makes recommendations, if any, for new programs and changes in existing programs.

Current Membership

Name Term Department
Nancy Geiger 2018-22 Otorhinolaryngology
Carol Clure 2019-23 Admin. & Finance

Committee Details

  • Two (2) HSC Faculty; one (1) OU-Tulsa Faculty; two (2) HSC Staff; one (1) OU-Tulsa Staff; four (4) Norman Faculty (2 appointed by President); four (4) Norman Staff (2 appointed by President)
  • Members serve 4-year terms beginning September 1
  • Committee also includes Norman HR Director; Norman Assistant HR Director; HSC HR Director; HSC Associate HR Director; OU-Tulsa HR Director; OU Retirees Association representative; Insurance Manager