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Communication Committee

The purpose of this committee is to manage the communication and publicity activities of the Staff Senate as a way to share information among current staff employees, increase campus connectivity, and to promote outreach opportunities.

The Communications Committee will communicate the activities and contributions of the Staff Senate to all staff and work to improve communication efforts across campus and raise awareness about the role performed by the Staff Senate.

Current Membership

Name Term Department   Group
Kelli Dyer, Chair 2023-25 Hudson College of Public Health   6
Marty Walton 2023-25 Office of the Provost
Joseph Schmidt 2023-25 Office of Student Affairs    8
Kelley Spellman 2022-24 University Health Club    7
Melissa Nestor 2022-24 IT Administration    7
Sam Betty 2022-24 Office of Student Affairs    8
Brandon Morfin 2023-25 COM Office of the Dean 3
Denise Chambers 2023-25 Dept. of Pediatrics 3
Jasmine Handley 2023-25 Stephenson Cancer Center 9
Jason Spears 2023-25 HSC Robert M. Bird Library 8


Committee Details

  • Staff Senate Standing Committee
  • Consists of ten (10) members, appointed by the Chair and Chair-elect of the HSC Staff Senate.
  • The committee members should have experience with or an interest in communications, publication design or outreach.
  • Committee members shall serve two-year terms, and they may be reappointed for a second consecutive term.
  • Chair - Shall oversee the committee and coordinate operations and responsiblities. Shall report to and work closely with the Executive Committee.
  • Co-Chair - Assist the Chair and the absence of the Chair, conduct operations and responsiblities. Shall serve as Staff Senate Social Media Director and shall be responsible for the oversight of the Social Media platforms.

Members of the committee will actively oversee the following roles:

  • Webmaster: Responsible for updating and maintaining the Staff Senate Website.
  • Newsletter Editor: Responsible for the development of the monthly Newsletter.
  • Communcation Liaison: Community Outreach Committee
  • Communication Liaison: Employee of the Month Committee
  • Communication Liaison: Employee Recognition Committee
  • Communication Liaison: Fundraising (Special Projects) Committee
  • Communication Liaison: Staff Events (Staff Week) Committee
  • General Communication Duties